Bridal couture and jewelry

Her er flere av bildene jeg tok backstage under photoshooten til det herlige norske smykkemerket "The Butterflyshow" 24. mars. De flotte brudekjolene er fra Sadoni Couture.

Svitlana i øredobber fra The Butterflyshow og kjole fra Sadoni Couture. /Svitlana in earrings from The Butterflyshow and dress from Sadoni Couture.

Now, they´re ready - the new photos from "The Butterflyshow".

Here´s more backstage photos from the photoshoot for the lovely Norwegian jewelry brand "The Butterflyshow" the 24th of March. The beautiful dresses are from Kathrine Nørgård and Sadoni Couture. Rodrigo Reyes took the photos at Ikon Studio (Skedsmokorset), that will be used for the jewelry brand´s catalogue and website. Read more about who participated and see many backstage photos here.